Prepare For The Unknown

With Legacy Premium Food Storage!


A bowl of prepared Pasta Primavera by Legacy Food StorageGetting your family prepared for emergencies has never been easier or more delicious.


At Legacy Premium Food Storage, our goal is to offer emergency food that is great-tasting, nutritious, convenient, long-lasting, and affordable. According to countless happy customers, we have not only met, but exceeded, our goals. With gourmet food storage offerings from meals that taste like they’re home-cooked to tasty snacks and drinks, we have everything your family needs to be prepared for survival situations, outdoor adventures, and everyday life.


Feed your family meals so tasty, they won’t believe it’s food storage.


One of the cardinal rules of emergency food storage is to store food your family will eat. With Legacy Premium food in your pantry, your family will not only eat, but eat well. Legacy food storage meals have all been carefully crafted by gourmet chefs with taste in mind. As a result, each and every one of our food storage offerings has a taste that will have your family hooked from their first try. Legacy Premium is proud to offer a wide variety of gourmet food storage foods:


•   Classic dinnertime favorites like pasta Alfredo, loaded baked potato, chicken a la king, stroganoff, and much more

•   Hearty breakfasts like old-fashioned pancakes, strawberry creamy wheat, and multi-grain cereal

•   Tender freeze-dried chicken and beef

•   Savory soups mixes like cheesy potato, spicy corn chowder, and a variety of other customer favorites

•   Addicting snacks like mango dices and banana chips

•   The creamiest, most nutritious protein shakes on the market

•   Satisfying side dishes like nutritious refried beans and parboiled rice


When you store Legacy food products for emergencies, you ensure your family will enjoy mealtime, no matter the situation.


Nourish your body with healthy, pure ingredients.


In emergency situations more than perhaps any other time, it’s important to feed your body foods that will build it up rather than break it down. This is precisely why Legacy Premium is so passionate about offering food storage that leads the industry in nutritional value. Check out our food’s impressive report card:


•    GMO-free

•    No cholesterol

•    No trans fat

•    Low in sodium

•    No MSG

•    High in fiber

•    A wide variety of gluten-free and vegetarian options


Buy food storage that is easy to store and simple to prepare.


Legacy Premium has made it our business to be innovators in the world of food storage. As a result, we have created meals that are expertly packaged for simple storage, easy preparation, and an amazingly long shelf life. All of our meals come sealed in durable Mylar pouches that are then packed in heavy-duty, stackable, lightweight buckets, making them easy to store and move.


Because of the extremely low oxygen levels in the pouches, our emergency food offerings have a shelf life of 25 years plus! That means you can make a big purchase of food storage, then rest easy that your family is taken care of for decades to come.


When the time comes to use your food storage, all you have to do is add boiling water, and your meal, snack, drink, or shake will be ready in a matter of minutes.


Keep your budget intact with affordable gourmet food storage.


Getting your family prepared for emergencies doesn’t have to put you in debt. Legacy Premium is a company made of people who want to protect their families just as much as you do. Because we know the stresses of trying to gather food storage while also providing for a family’s everyday needs, we make every effort to offer the most affordable high-quality food storage that we can. As a result, Legacy Premium offers the lowest cost per calories when compared with other similar food storage companies. When you buy with us, you pay a low price for a gourmet product.


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